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The National Women’s Entrepreneurs Association holds specialized courses in entrepreneurship

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Association membership is in the form of research, training, advisory, communication and membership committees for its members …

Education Courses

In order to benefit from each other, we provide courses for members in an online and in-person …


The role of members in the forum

At the National Women's Entrepreneur Association, based on the experiences of its members, to date, we have managed to hold more than 60 entrepreneurship training courses; you can also play an effective role in advocacy by learning or training entrepreneurial experiences as an official member of the association. The share of women in Iran's entrepreneurship.


Virtual courses

Virtual courses

You can join the National Women's Entrepreneur Association in the shortest possible time, with the exception of virtual courses.

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Online Certificate Validation

Online Certificate Validation

As an international association for entrepreneurship, in addition to providing a physical certification, we also provide digital certificates to our students for ease of presentation or validation.

Online Validation
To succeed and not less ...

An accelerator for entrepreneurship in Iranian women

We connect the startups to the large and successful network of coaches, investors and companies associated with the members of the forum and share their experiences with each other.


We hold workshops and specialized training courses tailor-made to their needs based on global success patterns for startups.


You can take advantage of the experiences of the top coaches and top-level entrepreneurs in the community and educate your mentors based on your experiences.

Extensive digital marketing capabilities

In addition to facilities and services, we will share our members’ participation in the National Broadcasting Network’s extensive network during the acceleration period.

Entrepreneurship Conferences
Active official member
Effective Impact on Women's Entrepreneurship
We are always gathering together to learn

Knowledge Is Power


Each member has a unique and complex story to succeed, we listen to these tales at different occasions and learn to form the story of our children’s success …


Good friendships and communication to advance each other’s interests are a valuable backing that we have enjoyed throughout our years in our national affairs, we are working to tackle women’s entrepreneurship barriers and challenges internationally. .

Latest news

در نخستین گفتگوی زنده اینستاگرامی انجمن در سال جاری مطرح شد:
تمرکز اصلی انجمن زنان کارآفرین بر «مطالبه گری» در سال...
گفتگوی زنده اینستاگرامی /”مفاهیم بنیادین کارآفرینی،سبک زندگی کارآفرینی و تجربه کارآفرینی”
انجمن زنان کارآفرین لایو ‌این هفته خود را به مناسبت...
شادی دادبين /اقتباس از مقاله نقش زنان در كارآفرينی و مشکلات پيش رو
در جامعه امروز، زنان نقش مهم و در حال گسترشی...
تاریخچه انتخاب روز ملی کارآفرین/سوم اردیبهشت
برای اطلاع بیشتر به پیج اینستاگرام انجمن زنان کارآفرین مراجعه...


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