Training and consulting

This committee is made up of two training and consulting sub-branches. The training and consulting group of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs was formed in line with the mission of the main goals of the association and its activities are in the field of educational and consulting needs assessment of women entrepreneurs, holding educational and research seminars in universities. With the aim of promoting the culture of entrepreneurship and presenting cases of women's entrepreneurship, collecting and publishing the experiences of women entrepreneurs with the aim of documenting women's entrepreneurial experiences and advising members of the association and people interested in entering the field of entrepreneurship. One of the goals of forming this committee is to empower women. The business owner is a member of the association and promotes and develops entrepreneurship for young girls and graduates through training and consulting tools.  

Consulting activities are aimed at supporting educational measures and guiding entrepreneurial activities in line with the investment perspective in the province and also making the existing economic enterprise more productive.

The achievement of the committee

 The education and counseling committee has been able to teach subjects related to management, business and entrepreneurship and women's studies for the members according to the needs assessment.

Also, by organizing numerous workshops and seminars, it has provided educational and consulting services to female students or graduates interested in entrepreneurship and business in Tehran and other provinces.

Attracting the participation of educational and research centers 

1- Communicating with entrepreneurial non-governmental institutions for synergy in promoting entrepreneurship culture
2- Planning educational seminars seasonally and according to the results of the survey at the end of 2018
3- Planning a research workshop "Examining the mutual effects of family management" and the business of women entrepreneurs and solutions to establish a balance between them" in the first half of 1990
4- planning to provide consulting services in the fields of legal, tax, insurance... To the members of the association
5- Communication with the entrepreneurship centers of universities in order to transfer the experiences of women entrepreneurs to students
6- Investigating the status of members' participation and the reasons for the inactivity of some members

Committee members

All members who have work experience and educational and consulting activities, who have the necessary motivation and the ability to effectively attend, generate ideas, and help carry out the educational and consulting programs of the association can become members of this committee.