How much money is GrabTaxi making?

Toronto Below is a showcase of the footage I’ve gathered from several helicopter flights above the downtown core. We removed the doors to provide a clean shot and I utilized a handheld stabilizer to keep everything smooth. With strict drone laws in place and the recent lock down of many of my favorite rooftops I […]

Taylor Swift ruled Instagram in 2015, but Kendall Jenner got the most likes

As the holidays approach, seasonal decor in the kitchen can often take on a kitschy note: turkey-shaped cookie jars, Pilgrim-emblazoned tea towels, and the like. The chicest (and fastest) way to add a bit of festive shine? Put your copper cookware on display. The warm hue fits nicely with the Thanksgiving theme and is functional […]

Twitter just supersized the way photos appear on your timeline

VPNs (or Virtual Private Networks) are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the increase of cyber crimes, hackers, government spying, and companies who restrict access to content based on location. We are all looking for ways to protect ourselves and our browsing activity and don’t want others able to see what we do or how we […]