Behind the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Fittings

Whether she’s edging up a classic bob with choppy layers or pairing an inky flick with little more than a fresh-faced glow, Alexa Chung’s cultish appeal can be distilled into one guiding principle: making iconic beauty looks feel, well, cool.

For an event in New York this week, the British expat infused the most classic of festive pairings—red lipstick and an updo—with fresh downtown appeal. The secret? A high-voltage shade of poppy that was bolder than a traditional crimson and a simple knot that still felt relaxed thanks to a few face-framing ombré waves. The look offered a crisp yet unfussy take on cocktail polish that would fare just as well on an afternoon of holiday shopping, save for one all-important evening-ready embellishment: a fluttery row of thick lashes.

alexa chung

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